Singing Wells

Equivalent to the migration in its uniqueness is this age old tradition of the Samburu people bringing their livestock to water in semi desert environment with an evening changing of the guard which sees wildlife pour in to use same water source. The singing wells offers our guests an experience that is completely unique. Every morning Samburu families take their family herd of cattle to the singing wells where they dig for water to fill up troughs to water their cows and goats. Each family owns one well and they sing to their livestock as they bring water up and the cows recognize their family song and come down to their well to be watered.

Sarara means meeting place in Samburu and at the singing wells all the different families from the area come t o meet and share stories and pass on messages as well as to water their livestock. Amidst the light, colour, dust, bells, singing, and naked Samburu, the scene is almost biblical in that it has remained unchanged for centuries. A very rare and unique thing to see, the singing wells are not commercialized. No photos are allowed but visitors get a unique insight into what life of the Samburu is all about.

In the evening, elephant and the famous Sarara leopard come to the wells to avail themselves of this water supply in what is a fascinating example of humans and wildlife using the same water source. This is something you cannot do anywhere else in Kenya. It has never been photographed and has remained unchanged and unspoiled for hundreds of years.

the singing wells2